The main focus of the classes I teach is in cultivating the fruits of DIScomfort: Strength, Perseverance, Compassion, Patience, Self-confidence, Gentility, just to name a few.  We use the vehicle of our bodies to train our hearts and minds.


Terrence offers both in-person and virtual sessions.  Privates are sold in individual sessions or packs of 10.  You want to book a private if you’re looking to take your technique to a new level, if you want to learn how to accommodate an injury, or if you are looking for more esoteric knowledge that you can’t find in a public class (i.e. meditation, yoga nidra, chakra based anatomy).

To book private classes it’s best to text or call Terrence directly at 310-499-3876.

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Every body is unique in their goals and specific health needs, but ANY body can benefit from the gifts of acupuncture and herbal medicine, without the stress of having to worry how many sessions it will take to get there.