Take Charge of Your Healthcare

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

-Sir William Osler



This healing modality has been practiced and refined for millenia to bring powerful healthcare to any body. 



A movement system designed to facilitate whole being health- working not just on muscles and bones, but breath and soul.  Sessions are customized to your desires.


Herbal Medicine

Botanicals and other food sources that have been applied to healthcare since humans could eat.  Herbs are customized to the person’s specific needs and regular follow ups ensure efficacy.

Our Philosophy

We think there are some huge gaps in the American Healthcare industry.  Currently, we treat any type of pain or illness after it becomes necessary.  In addition, we often treat the worst symptom and not the REASON we became ill in the first place.  

We bandage up a sprained ankle and take pain killers or anti-inflammatories, but we don’t address the movement pattern that led to a sprained ankle.  We take anti-anxiety meds but we don’t address the diet, exercise, and sleep habits that greatly contribute to this anxiety.  Or worse, we’re stuck in a cycle of wired and tired and don’t know how to get out!

Blue Orchid Wellness was created to address these gaps in care that Western Medicine cannot.  Inherent to this system is plenty of face time with you; no sitting in front of a computer while you tell someone what ails you.  Additionally, you have direct access to your acupuncturist via text, email, phone or even Instagram.  We are committed to being available not just during your appointment, but when you actually need care.  As an independent health care provider, we can address you as an individual, not as a statistic.  This is exactly what Chinese Medicine is designed to do!

Our Philosophy

Tools for Healing

Tools For Healing

Meet Terrence

My aim is to help people struggling with a particular ailment to get better, or to help healthy people get healthier. I use ancient techniques: acupuncture, diet, herbs, exercise to fill in the gaps left by Western Medicine. I NEVER give up on a patient that wants to get better, and I’ll work with them until we get where we need to go.